Daily Jam Offers Appetizing Value Proposition for Franchisees and Guests Alike

December 29, 2020 4:37 am

The restaurant industry might have taken a hit during COVID-19, but the pandemic won’t last forever. Agile business models like Daily Jam’s are better equipped to handle changing consumer demand. One thing is for sure from before, during and after the pandemic: the average consumer loves brunch. Brunch is a leisurely indulgence for many, and with the changing nature of work, it can be time for brunch any day of the week – not just during the weekends.

Brunch is also an affordable indulgence. Daily Jam’s twist on traditional breakfast options such as our famous Red Velvet Waffles, Pear Omelet and PB&J smoothies have made our fast-casual brunch franchise a fan favorite. Millennials and Gen Z who are looking for the next Insta-worthy experience especially love Daily Jam.

Daily Jam franchisees not only enjoy enduring customer loyalty, they also register higher margins with brunch concepts. Food like eggs, bacon and bread deliver higher margins, as do specialty cocktails – another go-to item at Daily Jam. Labor costs in the brunch segment are also much more manageable than other sectors. This is even despite Daily Jam offering full-service dining in a fast-casual model.

Our specialty cocktails, decadent and fun twists on brunch items, unique and hip restaurant vibe and the big draw of brunch position Daily Jam for growth in 2021. As Daily Jam amped up its value proposition during the pandemic by offering contactless options and ghost kitchens, the proof of concept continues to remain strong.

Above all, Daily Jam’s focus on customer service, and the high profit margins on food and labor, continue to mean appetizing news for our growing family of franchisees as we move into 2021 and beyond.

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