Daily Jam: Supporting Our Guests and the World We Live In

April 29, 2020 4:34 pm

In these uncertain times, Daily Jam is pulling out all the stops to ensure meals can be safely provided to customers amidst social distancing, creating one less worry for the communities we serve. We’ve extended our operating hours and are offering plenty of specials to help our guests continue to “jam on” and enjoy the comfort of brunch in their own homes.

From frozen breakfast burritos and Brunch from Home bundles (including our mimosa kit) to free kids meals, BOGO gift cards, free coffee for medical professionals and first responders (and much more!), we’re ready to serve and keep business running smoothly, one delicious meal at a time. We’ve received great responses from our guests… take a look at some of our favorite posts from @mrsmamamae, @misplacedmuggle and @move_with_mina.

At Daily Jam, we’re dedicated to our communities, serving as a hub for delicious and affordable gourmet meals and drinks – all with a fun twist. We continue our efforts to provide an experience that’s not only better for our customers, but for the world we live in.

Takeout and third-party delivery services are playing an increasingly significant role in business, and we’re extending an eco-friendly approach to our packaging. We’re working on preparing takeout and delivery items with environmentally conscious packaging and sustainable materials that both reduce moisture and retain heat. We’ve also been consciously working to integrate ease of delivery into our menu planning, including isolating hot and cold foods during takeout to avoid altering the integrity of the ingredients.

Our focus on sustainability goes beyond packaging. We’ve also been partnering with sustainable vendors including Morningstar Farms, an established supplier of plant-based proteins, to work vegan and vegetarian-friendly items into our menu. Choosing the right vendors to work with helps support our commitment to providing a healthy and sustainable dining experience for our customers that also appeals to wider variety of dietary needs and preferences.

At Daily Jam, nothing is more important to us than community – especially now. We’re dedicated to ensuring the most positive experience all around, from our guests, employees and franchisees to the world we live in.

Learn more about our operating philosophies and about franchising with Daily Jam.

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