Innovation That Keeps Us “Jamming” Beyond Brunch

June 26, 2020 1:30 pm

With any brunch concept, it’s normal to be open for only the first half of the day. Typically, a brunch restaurant will sit vacant for around 14-plus hours. To better utilize our space at Daily Jam and leverage the increasing demand for third-party delivery, we decided to add two ghost kitchens: @MindfulBowls and @CinnaSwirl.

We designed our ghost kitchen menus to include the same ingredients used at Daily Jam. This allows for more use of our kitchen, requires less labor, and each menu only calls for a handful of additional items. With plenty of overlap, many of the ingredients across kitchens can be prepared the same way. For example, the same prepped chopped tomatoes can be used in either our Daily Jam or MindfulBowls meals.

To handle three kitchens in one, we’ve carefully designated stations for each concept. By separating spaces to prepare items from each menu, we’ve been able to prevent having too many cooks in the kitchen – both literally and figuratively!

Our ghost kitchen initiative serves as a strong example of our ability to meet the demands of our customers. We pivoted quickly to include these additional menus as a part of the Daily Jam experience during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and extend our operating hours at that time.

Are you ready to Jam with us? We’re here every step of the way to ensure you gain the most out of your Daily Jam ownership experience through continuous innovation and a fresh perspective.

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