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Owning the Best LTOs? Daily Jam Rocks the Brunch Industry


It’s time to Pump Up the Jam with Daily Jam’s new summer special.

Despite many changes in the last year, one restaurant trend has stayed the same: limited-time-offer menu items (LTOs) remain a hit among restaurant-goers. Restaurant Business highlighted that “Consumers still love limited-time-only menu options and trying new things,” and the Daily Jam team continues to lead in executing this concept.

Daily Jam is no stranger to innovation, and we consistently deliver creative options guests crave and rave about. We’ve honed in on how to offer enticing LTOs, successfully adding short-term items like vegan specials, seasonal holiday favorites, and we even “Flipped the Bird” to kick off 2021 with the new chicken and waffles dish. These strategies continually engage customers in the Daily Jam menu and drive business.

“Our guests are always excited when we introduce a new limited-time-only menu item,” said Berekk Blackwell, President of Daily Jam. “Not only do these temporary items allow us to try out new dishes, keep on top of trends in the brunch industry, and lead the pack in brunch innovation, each time we offer a limited-time offering we always get a chance to get closer to the community. Our guests love to rave about these items and it adds another great touchpoint between our staff and guests.”

The chicken and waffles have been so popular that they’ve become a regular menu item. We even offer the dish with our red velvet waffles.

 We’re diving into summer with menu items that inspire guests to “Pump Up the Jam.” From classic toppings like Puppy Chow to new favorites like the Cinny Squared, Daily Jam has some epic selections for guests to add to their waffles, French toast and pancakes this summer.

Some LTOs become so popular they are added to the regular menu, like Eddie’s Breakfast Tacos or the Chicken and Waffles, while others make a more seasonal appearance. Daily Jam never shies away from bringing the “Jammers” what they want. Daily Jam’s personal touch and innovative strategies make the concept stand out in the industry and deliver strong results to franchise owners.

Are you jamming with the brand that’s home to the best LTOs in the business? Contact us today to learn more about franchising with Daily Jam.