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The Power of The Micro-Influencer: Daily Jam Boosts Brand Awareness, Sales and Followers

In a recent piece with Franchise Dictionary, Daily Jam President Berekk Blackwell talked about the importance of embracing the marketing muscle of micro-influencers (aka individuals with slightly above-average follower counts that are considered experts in their respective niche).

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He shared, “The use of micro-influencers is essentially an amplified word-of-mouth way to share your brand. We’re not looking to partner with people who have 1 million followers. Instead, we’re connecting with people who are plugged into the community, those who speak to a hyper-local audience on a regular basis and are respected by residents who live in an immediate radius of our franchises.”

For example, check out some of our recent partnerships with @thegannonedit, and @mrs.allpinkeverything. We’ve worked with them on initiatives including deal promotions and gift card giveaways, leveraging their local following to increase brand awareness and restaurant traffic. With foodies like @azfoodguy, @letthemeatthis and @elle.keker, Daily Jam continues to foster relationships in the local community.

“If you haven’t stopped by to check them out, make sure you put it on your short list for the summer!” shares @mrs.allpinkeverything. “Everything is so tasty and will transport you right back to your childhood! There’s something for everyone! From the Fruity Pebbles Breakfast Bomb to the Strawberry Shortcake… you can’t go wrong!”

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Micro-influencers have been instrumental in Daily Jam’s marketing efforts, especially in recent months. “We’ve seen a huge resurgence in foot traffic and sales in general over the past four or five weeks,” Blackwell shared.

With the help of social media, Daily Jam’s following has doubled since 2019. Over this past month, we’ve grown by more than 900 followers (and counting) on Instagram!

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As we expand our presence in the Southwest and beyond, we continue to incorporate effective local marketing strategies, including the use of micro-influencers, to drive local business for our owners. As a Daily Jam franchisee, you’ll have access to a dedicated team that will foster and facilitate relationships with local market social media influencers and brand ambassadors who can tap into new potential customers.

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